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Pharaoh Nidalee. Cuz the original art is AWFUL. 

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Draven in sleeveless hoodie

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Viktor and Caitlyn.. I feel that they could have been good friends. They both share a vision of progress for their own city states, but their ideological differences will put too many misunderstandings between them.

Stairs. He hated stairs. He did his best to suppress every grunt, but his bad leg continued to pain him. There could have been a more convenient meeting place, one that didn’t require him to climb so many stairs. Troubles came all at once, it seemed. But at least he was on time.

On the balcony, he could finally put a figure to the voice on the telephone. He watches her in silence a moment, giving himself a chance to catch his breath, and for the ache where flesh met steel in his left leg a chance to fade. And to study her. She doesn’t look like she sounded. In fact, she seems far too… what is the word? … gaudy. Far too gaudy in dress, far too soft in looks, for the brisk and efficient tone that he had heard across the line, the voice requesting this meeting. Still, there was no-one else on this balcony. 

He clears his throat. ”As requested, I am here.”

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what the FUCK is that hideous yellow circle in the sky



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